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You can sleep you know, this story ain't going anywhere lol. Holidays are always the worst times, i should have more time to write now, but only in theory. Business in the front, party in the back my ass. These are the times I live for.

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I catch my breath, well try to anyway, as my vision finally comes back into focus. Seriously, Gaara is one of my best friends; always down for whatever and hilarious in his utter bitchiness. Fucked him up real good. But selfishly, I hope you keep writing fanfic too lol.

Evanfiya. Age: 24. I’ve had a few messages from members lately wondering why their photos weren’t approved mostly photos of t shirts, jeans, knee caps, feet.

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in the heat of the summer. - jazthestampede (princejellychu) - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]

Hey, do you know if Gaara and them are coming? See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. I squeeze in between Kakashi and Kurama and crowd into the window too. See the end of the chapter for notes. I asked Temari once, and she tried to set my ass on fire. Apparently, some shit was going down outside. My parents coulda moved out here, but our house was a gift from Granny Sachiko and it was already paid for. Papa is the damn mayor, like where the fuck does he get off with that bullshit? Hashirama died at least ten years before that. I can see Nami licking her chops out the corner of my eye, looks like she found her new Flavor of the Week. I like it too, honestly; makes him smell like some sorta ethereal being, like how I would imagine Hera, or Aphrodite, or Persephone to. I might have to get me a piece of that. Akimichi does when he sees us enter is roll his eyes and call for Chouji. When he holds out the bag of paper to me, I break off a tiny square, pop it on the back of my tongue until it dissolves, and sit down. He literally stared the devil himself in the eyes, and spat directly into his mouth. Three, it sets your skin on fire, like a couple thousand fire ants are crawling over a bad sunburn. Just then, someone else walks out, a woman this time.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I set the phone outta the way and haul ass to the bathroom, not even bothering to grab a towel. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a fat sack of weed and a baggie full of paper perforated into smaller squares.

He shakes his head and points. Then again, I could see the iguanas in my corneas on a regular basis, so who really knows, ya know. He stands up and dusts himself off before offering me his hand. Living out here also meant higher quality drugs, big bonus. Whoever that is on the inside of that house gotta have iron balls to stand up to that. I wish I could've heard what he said, but none of us was trying to let the blessed cold air out, or that hot, sticky ass summer air in either.

One, no one knows what his last name is. Fucker had some pretty hair when he actually bothered to comb and brush it. Business in the front, party in the back my ass. Do I call him now? Two, it wakes you right the fuck up and hits you like your mama just slapped the taste buds outta ya mouth. Shit, I wanna be that high too.

Whatever, he did twice as much as I ever dared to. Apparently that was enough to wake his lazy ass up, guess he was still smoking. Me and Kiba coined the name when we were about four or five and just learning how to string cuss words together in a fairly cohesive manner.

Pretty like his brother but with all the rebellion of a pissed off rattlesnake or a member of Motley Crue. Someone finally walked outta the house and to the moving truck. Castle Bumblefuck was more than a playground, it was a right of passage. Well, I guess I know what I did last night. What the fuck is a cornea anyway?

We had no real problems, well, a few of us did. I get my answer less than two minutes later in the form of a teenage boy no older than me with a Sony Walkman attached to his belt and headphones firmly on his ears. Uchiha is a homemaker or whatever it is you call stay at home mamas these days.

And I just realized that I smell like booze, cigarettes, and rotten eggs.

I licked mine too. Too hot for that bullshit. Once they step back and turn around, arms full, we get a good glimpse of their face. His smile is gorgeous, with his crooked front teeth and eyes completely closed. Seriously, Gaara is one of my best friends; always down for whatever and hilarious in his utter bitchiness. And what did bored ass teenagers do in the eighties? We ran the streets, got high, fucked anything ready, willing, and preferably not bolted to the goddamn floor. Either way, nothing good ever comes outta Gaara grinning. I finally remembered what those were, by the way. Miss Tsume trying to make an example of her boy. He finishes it off while staring me down. I immediately feel my blood freeze. Is it possible to fall in love in less than thirty seconds? Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck. I scrunch my face up at the thought. I guess Nami must've seen their face to be hollering like that. Ah fuck, ma just called me downstairs and ordered that I put some goddamn pants on. The same exact shit our parents, their parents, their parents, and every other generation before us did. I give him four days, maybe three if she takes him a batch of banana pudding over there. Good luck with all that, every kid in this town has some sorta love affair with self destruction. He turns and hollers some shit back into the house. Oh fuck, did I just get asked on a date? Granny Mito was wild. I opened it today though, too hot for even my morals. His name is Sasuke. Nara beating Shikamaru's ass in the middle of the street again? Not to mention Neji would kill every last one of us and his uncle would sue. Thank God for Kiba Inuzuka, he always manages to find good shit. I find Neji in a chair, Tenten and Lee both in his lap, Tenten with a cup of what looks and smells like cheap vodka in her hand, and Lee staring over them both at a spot on the wall with a blush on his cheeks. Please consider turning it on! I pull up a chair and sit next to him, pulling a pack of cigarettes outta the pockets of my shorts. Shit, maybe we all do. Ma and papa kneeling on one love seat; Nami, Kakashi, and Kurama on the other, all staring out the windows and across the street. They unlock the hatch and raise the door on the truck, reaching inside to grab a couple brown cardboard boxes. I always did like a little attitude in my Flavor of the Month. So far we all been invited: They look like a good time, in both ways. We were both sixteen: Juniors in high school with an invisible chip on our shoulders, utter disdain for authority figures, and a master plan to get the fuck outta Konoha. I think I might love him, but what the fuck do I know? He grabs my forearms and it sends the fire ants scuttling across my bones. I slipped it in your pocket while you were giving me a lap dance. He takes it and chugs it in three smooth gulps, before walking away. His brother is the complete opposite though. I snatch the still lit joint outta his mouth and take a hit for myself. I can kinda see the embers of a rebel spirit in her, if that hint of faded tattoo ink on her shoulder is any indication. All I know is that I woke up in his backyard next to a puddle of my own puke, with a soul crushing pain in my skull, and dragged my sorry ass home. His mama, Miss Mikoto she told me to call her that instead of Mrs. Kiba, the saint, is sitting down, cigarette clenched between his teeth and his fingers working deftly on rolling the perfect spliff. Kiba steals the pack outta my hand and lights his own square. Meanwhile, me and my siblings tryna keep from laughing. Shikamaru was already there, lying on the slide, eyes closed with a joint between his lips and Mothership Connection playing softly on the ghettoblaster he got for Christmas. It makes him look constipated. We all saw God, some of us saw Beelzebub, and some of us me saw the iguanas in our corneas. She giggles in my ear.
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Cunnilingus/Sex in the bath/Lesbian show easy. Flaminia. Age: 19. Really chill guy from New Orleans. Music Junkie 🎶. I love to chill and just hang out. I'm currently studying social work .

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