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In the episode " Tsst ", Cartman was able to drive several nannies from his house with insults and insinuation even causing one to be put in a mental hospital. It wants to be a dramatic horror movie to be taken seriously, but films all the violence and rape with explicit zoom shots, eroticizing the rape, and exploiting the violence with gratuitous deaths by kitchen grinder and microwave. A contradiction of his idolization of Adolf Hitler is seen in " I'm a Little Bit Country " where in this episode Cartman is incapable of pronouncing "Nazi" correctly pronouncing it "Nay-zee" upon seeing it written, as though he had never come upon the word before. There are no surprises, plot or character developments in this teenage version of Saw by way of Columbine.

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He often cries out 'Stop cheating you black asshole! Owners call Montco apartments a success. He usually tries to prove Craig wrong and annoy him. A killer is kidnapping people and setting them up in elaborate contraptions that slowly kill them the more hits he gets on his live feed, effectively turning the Internet hordes into killers.

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It starts with rudeness and annoyances, and escalates to shocking levels of violence, with realistic reactions amongst the teenagers, all driving the adults to desperate, nihilistic measures. A Frat Party Massacre. A pioneer amongst serial killer movies and still unequaled. In this case, it takes place in an office building. The fact that it restrains itself during sadistic torture scenes, whereas most of the gore is shown in consensual surgery, sometimes feels as if the film-makers want us to sympathize with her. Hood Has Eyez, The. This includes the so-called 'Torture-Porn' sub-genre and the wave of nasty French horror movies that serve over-the-top brutality and sadism without the levels of extreme gore that gorehounds expect. The Mexican village is run by a group of scary cultists that even keep the police away through fear, and the writing is based on a true story.

Silence of the Lambs. If a rule is broken, an electronic neck collar kills the bearer. Nicolas Cage is a detective hired to track down an alleged snuff movie with unknown authenticity and a missing girl into the hells of extreme underground pornography.

It had the whole world buzzing and inspired a slew of copycats and followers. A lot of the gore is off-screen and the movie is mostly an effective, darkly violent thriller, but there are two sadistic torture scenes and a constant mood of nihilistic violence. Of course the depravity and violence of most of the characters and events helped too, featuring things like sodomite rapists, religious assassins and gimps.

Although most of the movie involves some youngsters partying and having fun with masks and whatnot, combined with some background on the killer, this only sets you up for the mind-boggling brutality of last third. The truth is, however, I found the identically themed 'The Human Race' somewhat more interesting, entertaining and original even though it is rated lower.

Add to that Tarantinos talent for fascinating, quirky, down-to-earth dialog and you have a winner. The movie intensely and correctly focuses on the effect of this world on the mind of the detective and his new-found acquaintance Joaquin Phoenix , and the darkness increases slowly as he digs deeper.

But who can sympathize with a psychotic? This is the torture movie to end all torture movies as far as extreme sadistic violence is concerned, and I can't imagine a movie ever topping it. The portrayal and message is right on the mark, but the problem here is that the movie focuses too much on one despicable, violent exploit after another instead of exploring his psychology deeper.

One would expect a horror movie about body modification and surgery in this day and age to be all about the gornography and torture, but this nicely done movie surprises with its focus on the people and story, mixing just the right amount of restraint and body horror in the gore scenes, old-school style. Trust and friendships break down as even gentle teenage girls give in to the stress and carnage and chop up their best friends.

It's crude, over-the-top, often unconvincing, but still extremely hard to watch and relentless. World of Kanako, The. It flirts with the border of excess, piling on a bit too many physical and emotional tortures, but retains its visceral grip. A fitting companion piece to Miike's Scars of the Sun also good , and the more down-to-earth and restrained Cherry Tree Lane which is good for a single watch.

What makes this extreme is that it perfectly combines psychology, touching human behaviour, the most extremely gruesome tortures imaginable, a very disturbing mental profile, a knowledge of when to let the movie breathe so that we don't get too desensitized, and truly sick games that psychologically ties one victim to the other which makes everything times worse.

The violence is, as expected, ubiquitous, but well balanced, and it is pretty gory by mainstream standards with dozens of exploding and smashed heads, but not more than that. Unique and intense scene after scene explores cruelty, disturbed minds and revenge with inspired cinematography. Trailer Park of Terror. When released, games are played with him as he tries to figure out who is after him, bent on revenge and dark thoughts while developing a strange relationship with a sweet woman.

An intelligent detective and his aide are tracking down a deranged murderer following some gruesome killings that seem to be following a pattern of the seven deadly sins. This one belongs in the same sub-genre and features yet another excuse to watch a sadistic 'social experiment' game where a hundred people kill each other out of fear.

Great American Snuff Film, The. Diary of a Serial Killer. The violence is constant, creative and extreme, with lots of brutal, sometimes splattery, kills. I Spit on Your Grave 3: Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence. Other flaws include the unrealistic characterizations, and some plot lines that feel undeveloped. In any case, the lack of graphic torture is very welcome since we have had too much of it lately.

Last House on the Left, The Thrill of a Kill, The. Not to mention that there's a cliched detective that thinks of her as a victim. See also Ryan Nicholson , Nick Palumbo. Nexxt Frau Plastic Chicken Show. This unique slice of Norwegian cruelty combines holiday levity with extreme brutality like no other movie I've seen. Think of this as a more extreme Lord of the Flies, where the deserted island is replaced by very bad parenting.

Girl Next Door, The. Well done, but do you really want to watch this? Human Centipede First Sequence , The. It runs out of ideas after the first half hour and the surprise ending only detracts by making you think about the complicated twist in the plot instead of the satire.

The fat, violence and gore are disgusting enough, but what really sets this movie off into the land of the disturbing are the psychological aspects: The neurotic cop has an equally disgusting relationship with a thin bitch-slut, the Feeder has endless philosophies about female happiness and consumerism and a twisted past with his mother, and the Gainer AKA fat woman is twistedly submissive and ferociously loves and protects her demented feeder.

An intense, balanced and thoughtful exploration of dark perversity. It is also reminiscent of Crank in some ways with its constant ridiculously over-the-top flowing action. A classic game-changer in the genre. This is the movie Last House on the Left should have been, albeit it focuses on bad parenting and criminally violent teenagers instead of exploitative backwoods psychos.

But the real star is the smorgasbord of standout characters, each with his or her own fleshy personality and acted by well known actors. The writing is by James Gunn Slither , and it is serviceable and solid as far this kind of exploitation goes, and the movie also features quite a few surprisingly top-drawer actors. There is no plot here, only a setup and a grand reveal at the ending just like with a computer game: You wake up as a half-robot, have to escape the evil man and his endless swarm of soldiers, collect as many weapons as you can on the way while given regular pointers towards your next goal, and eventually have to save the girl.

There is not much plot; the setup is a deeply disturbed psychotic who kidnaps a young couple to test their mettle and excite him with their feats of endurance and noble human behaviour, and the whole movie is just a bunch of torture sequences. As usual with Park, realistic plot and characters are secondary to style, drives and ideas, but these abstractions manage to take over the movie in a delirious peak of twisted and cruel creativity.

There's plenty of gore, but the movie, being the focused monster that it is, is much more interested in facial expressions. Matters build up and get very dark, disturbing and creepy on several levels, and the level of intelligence is kept high until the disquieting end. I Saw the Devil. Relatively non-explicit, and it tries hard to show only what it has to, but the subject matter, Cage's performance, and plot events are so dark that this will disturb you in any case.

The rules of the game are that only one person leaves the island alive, each of the students gets a useful or not-so-useful weapon, and they are kept moving and at each other's throats by disallowing more and more areas on the island. Extremely violent, but so over-the-top, crude and nonsensically stupid especially the incoherent ending , that it can't be taken seriously as the social commentary it wants to be.

One moment you are watching a silly and laid-back slacker comedy, the next scene has a killer do things like power-saw a baby to death with happy holiday music in the background. Somebody Down There Likes Me. Katharine Isabelle pulls off another difficult role of a medical student that descends into a world of underground surgery, body-modification freaks, and revenge, her character regressing via leaps and bounds too quickly if you ask me spurred on by a trauma, the need for money, and pressure from her new-found clients.

An annoying, garrulous man is imprisoned in a tiny apartment for 15 years by an unknown enemy. The stylistic, even avant-garde approach by Oliver Stone and the over-the-top levels of violence and depravity sickened many people, but this movie does have a message and it is done with a near-excess of style and talent.

One flaw of this movie is the misandry, where almost every man is a violent pig and where rape somehow deserves a punishment a thousand times greater than the crime. This killer combines extreme knife-rape and brain-bashing with doing laundry and making himself a sandwich, as if both are on the same level, all the while the soundtrack keeps belting out its holiday cheer.

Most of the movie follows the antics of an 'enamored' wild couple in a journey of violence, sex, courthouse antics, jail, and beyond, and all the while their popularity soars. The technical skills of everyone involved is very impressive, including the stunts, parkour, special effects and even the efforts put into making the camera-work relatively less shaky.

Passion of the Christ, The. The killer is frighteningly methodical and seems to have a religious message for the world. The unconventional structure of the movie, telling at least three intertwining stories not necessarily in chronological order was a big influence on other movies. The twisted ending is nothing short of brilliance. But the good aspects, including the memorable characters that transform themselves into Betty Boop or a plastic doll, make it a strong horror movie. The twist ending is one of those nonsensical things that negate the rest of the movie once you think about it. An Australian cop is after people in Germany who want to be eaten, and people in the USA who feed and take care of submissive women until they reach pounds and die. The death scenes are especially gruesome due to their methodically twisted and extreme nature, and have been copied many times since. For example, depicting the incestuous father and dysfunctional family as an old entertaining comedy sitcom is a stroke of genius. Hills Have Eyes, The House with Eyes, The. Listed here are the most extreme, as well as the violent milestones of the 90s, most of them mainstream movies that take pride in finding new extreme ways to display or explore sadistic violence on screen. I Spit on Your Grave I Spit on Your Grave 2. Hostel is easy to improve on so when I say this is better than Hostel, it's only moderate praise. The ending feels too bleak and depressing, but it drives its point one last time to the gut. House on the Hill. To help understand this mind, the agent seeks the help of Hannibal the Cannibal, another serial murderer who happens to be a brilliant, creepy psychologist currently incarcerated and under observation. Although some scenes are quite gory, this is more about the cruelty. A couple on romantic vacation encounter a gang of young hoodlums.
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