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Tried calling but the customer aupport is email only. I use the robot station to make robots and its so glitchy every time i hover over sentry head the robot shoots up in the sky like a rocket and i cant put heads on it or anything on it. April 24, at 6: The Martyr's effect does not stack with additional pieces. Unless otherwise specified, all perks are permanent. Retrieved from " http:

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Problem started with the side quests from Isabel. These 7 bobbleheads do not technically add a perk behind the scenes, do not have an associated base ID, and thus are not listed below. Likely given to player by Mama Murphy in The Sight. March 23, at 4: Everything is good until he blows out steam after a fight and then my game crashes.

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FAQ - Fallout 3 Wiki JP

It is so frustrating! Now I have no previous saves to go to. Im still looking for a solution to the game not continuing and letting me talk to the mechanist after i killed all his robots. It tells me to put on a protectron head and i hovering over a assultron head…. The building aspect of the dlc is basically unplayable for me. Interior cells are not loading properly. Hoping someone has a suggestion, or Bethesda comes out with a fix, because the DLC is unplayable in its current state. So i cant add anything to it after the initial build. In my Case Ada is stuck in companion mode she wont dismiss yet wont follow me now either so she is virtually stuck at The Castle. Another bug that i cant find online at all. The target will keep it even when u r not aiming at it. It keeps telling me to search the Robobrain after I killed and then searched it. Had the same problem tried reinstalling automation and clearing the cash but eventually had to lose about half a level with an older save then it worked. Robotics workbench camera angle and rotate not functioning as well as unable to change the first made robots name from automatron. I am having the exact same issue on Xbox one, even tried reloading previous saves and nothing is working unfortunately. But after im done it no longer shows up in my robot workbench at all. I cannot build an automatron i select build and it says i lack the requirement to build an automatron despite i have all the required materials im not that far in im where i need to get Jezebel a body. I reload before that, go to that settlement and wait, message still comes up, lost the fight.{/PARAGRAPH} Now, I have the gun and science perks maxed out so all my guns have the recon scope on them. I had this problem. My DLC is unplayable as well. Not for me, I left and got more supplies, put them in the workbench, and it still said I needed the same amount of supplies even though I collected more. This makes them my allies and they kill other bots for me which speeds up the fight. I got the machinist device. The same thing happens to me, answer distress call, find Caravan site near Wattz building and then nothing. Also o cant get past install the radar beacon on ADA. Cant build workbench even with required components and space. This is on Xbox One. Ada, and some other asaultron-based robots are simply invisible… Ive tried re-installing and looked for missing textures but everything is there.. Luckily I had save right as I entered the final room. That fucks it up g00d. Mine was not yet I was able o play the mission right up to when I was supposed to talk to the Machinists after I defeated the robots. I enter the factory and fall through the world. What is weird Is that the diamond appears for the first bot but when I shoot there is no reaction. I killed all of the bot waves. Not only can i not name my bot, but i also cant customise it after im done building it. Anyways I killed all the bot waves and the cut scene happened without issue. My DLC is unplayable at this point. I was doing the U. I loaded a previous autosave, which was right before I entered the room where you fight the machinist. Any equipment with Targeting abilities will make him hostile… If you f. Ada and I were attacked by Raiders while we were talking for the first time and interrupted the dialogue. I figured I needed to finish the other mission so I did. Same, im on ps4 iv tried reloadibg multiple savea but it just doesnt update it even when i pick up the mechanists device. I can see why they put the price up! So I start the mission, everything is normal. I had this problem, except I have a habit of pausing with the pip boy. Trying to find answers but no one seems to have any! Once they were all dead I saved and entered the final room. Just remove any head or eyewear and it should prop work… Includes Power armor helmets. Tesla gun doesnt always fire and can crash the game, the traps from it dont have an explosion texture and are just a giant black shape, with assultron traps the audio file for destroying then is broken, plus more. Same thing happened to me. I was allowed to speak with him. The killing of the bots could be a prerequisite for the cut scene to happen. I use the robot station to make robots and its so glitchy every time i hover over sentry head the robot shoots up in the sky like a rocket and i cant put heads on it or anything on it. I am not joking, its nuts. Cant even get my automatron to access the locked door while bombs keep flying. We are having this exact same issue! I want my money back and i may file a report with the better business bureau. Load up an older save. Enabling the esm fixed the issue. But when I bumper click it shows the health bar. What is cool about it is that once u aim ur gun at a target it will mark it with a red diamond. Yeah mine does the same thing!!! I went from level 70 to level 53… wtf Bethesda. This has happened to me twice now. Tells me to search robobrain to get mechanist device. It seems like Bethesda doesnt even bother bug testing anymore, how lazy. Sparks, a eye bot clips through walls in the final area and is invincible. I also have the robot perk maxed out so I can hack them and incite them. This moves the fight forward, at least it did for me on PS4. I left in the middle of the mission to do the dlc but no caravan and no hostiles to beat. The bug seems to be that it shows that you have all the components even if some are missing. Make sure to double check. All it does when i try is display a plus sign in the top right corner of the picture of it. Tried calling but the customer aupport is email only. I checked the room right before it and saw that there are 5 robobrains but they are inactive. I used power armour with target tagging- still completed it and also kept mechanist alive and friendly. This happens a lot and the only way i could fix it was to relode a old save, even then it only worked a couple of times. S constitutional when the dlc went live on ps4. I then repeated this with all of the bots on the conveyor belt. It could be the fact im using mods, it basically makes the robot crafting unusable. I play on xbone and had same issues. It shows all the items you need even if you already have some items. {PARAGRAPH}When the machinist comes out of his base to talk with me he immediately turns aggressive and attacks me. I have tried everything try making Ada pick it up, not having robot workbench, dismissing Ada. To clarify, ive built my bots to the best of my characters ability. Yeah the same thing happens to me, but the mechanist wont even come out of the room and i cant attack him or talk to him. Seriously i just redid the whole dlc up to this point and it still doesnt work. I can see sky above and all around, and water far below. I have the exact same problem! Wait for them to drop down then kill them. At first I thought my character just knew French, but then I saw the floor in the factory. I see no caravan or robots…. You could go through the back door, this would require master hacking and the three voice print cards within the facility. So I shot it until it was dead. The full list of what you need is:. Im just stuck in the room with ada. I tried reloading the fight midstream, reloading the game and had no luck.
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